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There was a long talk about the #codpiece yesterday, initiated by #madamezia, so here is Larry Blackmon's big red shiny codpiece. He still wears it today. Trekkies might be interested to spot the actor playing the detective.   7

Astromonkey 2 Feb 2014

I could've chosen one with bare naked ladies. But I didn't.   2

candyflippa 25 Mar 2013

My kind of #FunkyFriday, Cameo and Geordi La Forge. Everybody sing "Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high Take a look, it's in a book - Reading Rainbow."   20

christineb 16 May 2014

#MenInTightsWeek and #funkyfriday. Cameo, from 1986. More tights, another codpiece.   2

DavidShepherd 5 Mar 2015


IngerNatalie 10 Aug 2015

I still need to find how how LeVar Burton got in this video... :)

jayfublerharvey 17 May 2015