All Her Favorite Fruit by Camper Van Beethoven

FortunesSon’s jam on 19 Aug ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“Does she ever whisper in his ear all her favorite fruits?”

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Does she ever whisper in his ear all her favorite fruits?   1

FortunesSon 25 Jan 2015

Pretty sure this is a repeat, but as it's fast becoming one of my favourite (UK spelling, unlike the band) ever songs, I'm going to inflict it on you again!

alanpmartin 15 Nov 2013

Man, the live arrangement of this song is awesome. This isn't the EXACT version I want (which is only on Greatest Hits Played Faster), but it's still super good.

IanAdams 28 Feb 2014

One of my favorite love songs ever. Why Idk ? #CVB #Fruit

Jnvrmind 14 Apr 2014

"All Her Favorite Fruit" by Camper Van Beethoven is so personal to me, I almost couldn't share it.   1

schmutzie 28 Feb 2013

The violin gets me every time...

evelynmarble 9 Apr 2014