Bel Air by Can

“Laters, taters.”

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Laters, taters.

schmindiekid 25 Sep 2015

Tender ambient tropicalia, Asiatic chants, a nature recording interlude, psychedelic freakouts, random noise bursts, Jaki Liebezeit's expert percussive talent. Can's feverish megalith of a suite has it all. Bel Air is tribal and borderline spiritual. Since music matters to me far more than the lyrics, I appreciate Can immensely. This is not to say that Can cannot write a catchy chorus, but Can has never been poetically meaningful; part of what makes them such a great band is that the lyrics serve the music and not the other way around. Can capitalized on their previous records not only by fine-tuning its strengths and moving toward a more experienced sound, but also by creating a record that transcends genre. Sure, nothing since "Tago Mago" has sounded quite the same. However, "Future Days" manages complex density while remaining malleable and freely experimental. If "Future Days" were the musical equivalent of a Jodorowsky film, then Bel Air would be the ending to "The Holy Mountain."

Hegelian_Alien 1 May 2014