Let's Work Together by Canned Heat


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The hippie national anthem.

eljefe54 30 Sep 2013

In the mood for some Canned heat tonight :)   19

ada23 27 Jun 2015

back to the soil   5

bignonioides 6 Jan 2014

Been driving a lot lately, my iPod plug-in is kinda messed up. It's annoying - most radio stations here suck: they are extremely country; I cannot stress how country the stations are. Or its like death metal. lol) but there are like 2 that aren't country. & those 2 stations seemed to be stuck on the current top 10 electrinic songs. Nothing new. All pop. All the same stuff on repeat. "All about dat base" "Shake it off" Coldplay, Maroon 5,One Republic, or something by Ed Sheeran… (Now, not that I don't like said songs/artists, in fact, I usually love hearing them. I'm just tired of hearing it all over & over… I was craving rock from the 70s - 60s all day. (& I couldn't find any!) But once I got home, I got my fix. Sound quality of this vid was better then any live recordings - but if ya want to be amused by head-bobbing, muffin tops, blue jeans, the general look of the 70s, watch them live.   6

gracierb 26 Sep 2014

lets jam together

guitarman 26 Aug 2015

Here's one to jolt the memories of anyone, er, over 50. Nice live performance.   3

obadiah99 2 Jul 2013