I Was Born This Way by Carl Bean


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I am 600% sure this was a Jam I had before but I was just listening to it and it is perfect.   1

Kevin_Church 30 Jul 2013

My mom's favorite cardio workout song. I still love that this single was released on Motown. #FunkyFriday #ABCsOfI

Kid_Dada 13 Feb 2015

Happy Pride people!

Adarene 29 Jun 2013

Perhaps the epitome of inspiring gay disco records.

Kevin_Church 23 Aug 2012

Halleloo!   4

Astromonkey 10 Sep 2015

I found this site from a follower on tweeter, and I'am glad that I did. This is an exciting site, that I will tell all my friends about.

JosephMcEvoy1 31 Jul 2013