Rainy Days and Mondays by Carpenters


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This song was on my turn table 42 years ago when A guy showed up for our first date. We had two dates and got married!

JanScholl 29 Dec 2014

I was going to write something like "today can go and fuck itself" but this is much prettier int it?

RachelMH 13 Feb 2012

We always had a Carpenters cassette playing in the car when I was a kid. Such good memories. Karen's voice is still one of the greats.

NeftoonZamora 3 Mar 2015

Day 2 of my #daysoftheweek jam. Too many Monday songs to consider (unlike Wednesday). This wins out due to also including an accurate weather forecast. The weather may be poor, it's the start of the working week, but I can at least marvel at Karen Carpenter's voice.

rocknrollisking 9 Sep 2013

AM Radio Days or How Old Am I Getting?

ktlam1955 2 Jan 2015

I don't feel sad Mondays...and only sometimes on rainy days...but who cares, it+s Monday and there will never be another voice like hers... ;)   11

natyblooming 8 Jun 2015