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Damn, this cover... via @fightingwords

focalintent 22 Oct 2013

Everybody does a cover of "Creep". Gosh. Even my mom does a cover of that song. But every once in a while you run into a cover that amazes you like this cover does.   3

delftwaves 15 Feb 2015

Wow   1

crmcmahon 20 Apr 2012

if you don't get wicked mad goosebumps at 2:50... well then, i don't think i want to know you.

marjohn626 18 Mar 2015

Something somber because it's gloomy outside.

kurtbrownridge 12 May 2014

Never heard a cover of Creep that I didn't like, but this one's better than most.

tracilawson 23 Mar 2015