The Only Living Boy In New Cross by Carter USM

“Cheesy, but you know, good.”

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Cheesy, but you know, good.   1

harrybr 29 Mar 2012

It would be remiss of me to not start compiling an eleven hour playlist two months prior to any party, so there I am knee deep in my quest, and I find this. Double bonus as that's my outfit sorted.

Postergirl48 13 Apr 2014

See ya CarterUSM. Loved ya.

scotchi 26 Nov 2014

Hello, good evening and welcome to nothing much A no holds barred half -nelson and the loving touch ... I've teamed up with the hippies now I've got my fringe unfurled I want to give peace, love and kisses out to this whole stinking world Had to chose a live version with poor audio thanks to YTubes pointless restrictions, enjoy :)

DirtyF1 2 Feb 2014

Haunted by a nightmare of 1992. I don't see why everyone else shouldn't suffer.

tomewing 8 May 2015

The good, the bad, the average and unique   1

pjcj 24 Jul 2012