He War by Cat Power

“Marabillosa e adictiva cantante. O nome, tela!”

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Marabillosa e adictiva cantante. O nome, tela!

dvdctf 21 Jan 2013

'He will, kill for you...' I would like to thank @automaticstop for getting me into this utterly amazing song.   1

CallumPetch 23 Sep 2012

definitely one of my favorite Cat Power songs.   1

josh3 15 Jan 2013

I first got into Cat Power around 2004. I never really found her all that relatable until 2007. This song is just...is just a bunch of feels.

queso 13 Nov 2013

I never meant to be the needle that broke your back

KurtSuchman 1 Jun 2013

This song has one of the riffs that convinced me to start sampling, just so I could loop it to my heart's content. If I listen to it enough, it might even get me to learn guitar.

shiftingspanner 26 Aug 2014