I Feel For You by Chaka Khan

advertisingweek’s jam on 25 Apr ’12 and then once after that (See all)

“Loved this song growing up. ^z1”

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but mattpadmore was first  

Loved this song growing up. ^z1

advertisingweek 10 Aug 2012

You're welcome, Internet.   15

wilwheaton 21 Apr 2013

Oh go on then x

pennydavies146 23 Feb 2015

Last #FunkyFriday, since I'll be doing #FinalJamDay next Friday. @ChakaKhan "I Feel for You," written by @Prince3EG, 1985 Grammy Best R&B Song. #LastJams #TillTheWheelsFallOff   1

kzone8 18 Sep 2015

“I feel for you. I think I love you.” Oh, Chaka/Prince.   5

bibilynch 21 Feb 2015

The second most exciting song of 1984.   4

profanityswan 12 Jun 2014