Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charles Mingus


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devilsuit 25 Sep 2015

Suitably elegaic. Mingus's farewell to Lester Young.   20

pez 19 Aug 2015

The best of late-night jazz.

neven 18 Feb 2012

Sad times - goodbye TIMJ

mugtog 24 Sep 2015

well, or we could try bridging the gap. gotta admit to a fondness for the rahsaan roland kirk version too, because i's a word lady. "put all of his soul into a tenor saxophone, had a way of talking, was a language all his own...lester young is playing what he's feeling."   2

ifjuly 1 Jun 2014

This was difficult to jam due to restrictions. Nobody cares that it was renamed "Theme for Lester Young" so it's still usually called "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat". It is a classic, a standard, covered by all the great and the good. The first time I heard it was on "Wired" by Jeff Beck. I thought it was one of Jeff's, until I realised via Joni Mitchell, that it was a Charlie Mingus number. I remember wondering if Mingus was originally spelled the normal Scottish way (Menzies) until I spotted his race roots. Duh.¬†Unusually for me, the original surpassed the one I happened to hear first. I let Beck go, & have grown to appreciate the myriad colourings of the chord progressions, the steadfast bass pacing, the breath-long phrasing, the way it relaxes me, like a jazz infusion. I became Pavlovianly relective, instantly chilled man. I used to unhunch, sip a freshly brewed strong coffee, &inhale a cigarette, & reset or reboot myself to this. Today, it is the same, but sadly without the cigarette.   9

daved 27 Dec 2014