Nuclear Seasons by Charli XCX


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We survived nuclear seasons We survived nuclear seasons

Carachan1 1 Jul 2015

I only want to listen to pop music lately, pray for me #charlixcx

dreamsburndown 6 Feb 2015

Saw Charli this summer, she was incredible. This is from "True Romance," her previous album, which I'm listening to more again, now that I've kind of listened to "Sucker" about a billion times (and I'm still not tired of it). @charli_xcx

caramelsnow 9 Jul 2015

Totally hooked on this slice of pop perfection.

dwhiting 11 Jul 2012

A good song to listen to as you get reacquainted with wearing t-shirts outside and everything smelling good.

ian 6 Apr 2013

‘Nuclear Seasons by Charli XCX’ is my new jam

oconghd 19 Jan 2015