Ain't No Pleasing You by Chas N Dave

“this one is going out to my kids”

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this one is going out to my kids

jump_back_slash 6 Dec 2012

As it's Glastonbury this week I chose this recording of this great song as I was somewhere in this crowd. If you are off to Glastonbury, enjoy!

robmolloy18 22 Jun 2014

Probably the best 'non' love song ever.   1

alscott67 4 Oct 2013

Love Chas and Dave - just seen them at the Union Chapel - Always brilliant. This track is wonderful - even though it breaks my little cockney strawberry tart. . . .You only had to say the word and you knew I'd do it. You had me where you wanted me, but you went and blew it.  Now everything I ever done was only done for you, but now you can go and do just what you wanna do. I'm telling you . . . .   43

lindatee 22 Oct 2013

Gertcha, have some o' that!

robbo1962 21 Sep 2014