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“Thurston Moore's new band.”

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Thurston Moore's new band.

joeldurhamjr 3 Jul 2012

Thurston Moore's new band. You can take the guy out of Sonic Youth, but you can't take Sonic Youth out of the guy.   3

joeldurhamjr 13 Jun 2013

Ode to Ole' Bill by Thurston and his new crew. I'm pretty impressed by this album. Great to see them touring with Mike Watt & Ill Sogna Del Marinaio   5

adrian4acn 20 Jun 2013

Thurston Moore's guitars can't lose

oded 21 Mar 2013

More from the 2013 Round Up. Top album from Thurston. More here   4

adrian4acn 11 Dec 2013

Saw Chelsea Moving Light during SXSW and I cannot get this song out of my head since.

modernmel 27 Mar 2013