Doses & Mimosas by Cherub

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To all the bitch ass hoes that hate me the most. *shakes shit*

coma 20 Oct 2014

Because it has been stuck in my head all weekend...

analogtracy 14 Sep 2014

At first, I couldn't stand this song. Dudes doing their best bad Prince impression. But it caught me, somehow, and now it's my jam.

jorojoserojas 16 Jun 2014

A little electro pop for all walks of life

bccoye 11 Feb 2014

last week's jam was for the lovers. this week? hate on, haters. OBSESSED with this track.

kkstina 21 Feb 2014

Heard this song on the ride to work and it made me chuckle.

EnemyOfPeanuts 7 Mar 2014