Sensation Wicked Wonderland 2010 (Continuous Mix) by Chester W

“Not a single mashup have I jammed here to-date. This is something of a surprise as I have respect for mashups as an artform - it really is something else - to hear loads of songs think up a connection, decide which to use and where, then mash them together into something new -and then to do the same with the promotional videos. Mindblowing at times, rubbish at other times. This has Martin Tungevaag vs. Mika vs. Michael Jackson vs. Avicii vs. Wes vs. The Bee Gees vs. Meghan Trainor vs. Ella Henderson vs. Metallica vs. Billy Idol - I kid you not! #mashup #finaljams

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This jam is special! The first and only time it’s been posted was by daved in Sep 2015.