Gold by Chet Faker

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Believe it or not, I haven’t chosen it for the video… Don’t get me wrong, I like roller derby girls, my wife’s one, but it could be any other video and the track would still work, for me at least (but I’m a pre-MTv generation, so my opinion is irrelevant :)). I’ve meant to jam it for some time, but I guess the time’s just right only now.   6

homosporocarpus 18 Jun 2015

'You gotta know, I'm feeling love'

MrsRobinsome 21 Jul 2015

I feel I have a good sense of where the people I follow are from by their jams. I live in Melbourne, Australia, but grew up in Sydney. What about you guys?   1

ajkoletti 6 Aug 2015

Sunday morning so far: run at 5.30, Headspace on return and yoga with the lovely Erin Motz. Love this! Having some 'me time' today and this fits perfectly :)

abigail.deeks 26 Jul 2015

You gotta know

goodbadugly 27 Apr 2014