Take Out The Gunman by Chevelle


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La Gargola

bobbyboulders 15 Apr 2014

I've been playing the absolute crap out of this since @redheadx jammed it. Chevelle has been pretty damn consistent, but I welcome a change (hint: MOAR KOWBEL!!1!!!1!one!!) and hope La Gárgola - out April 1st - continues their ass kicking ways! :D                    => UPDATE: This was just reposted, because (I'm dumb and) rejammed a stale link. A big thanks to @itskerryc for catching and correcting that! :D   7

Drek 10 Feb 2014

Good stuff!   3

Danis 12 Feb 2014

Let's start this month with my Top 5 albums of the Year Countdown. at #5 Chevelle with "La Gargola" AMAZING ALBUM!!! Go and check it out!! Now enjoy one of the bests songs from this album... Chevelle - Take out the Gunman #MusicaMUYBUENA #AmazinJam   8

Metaldalz 1 Dec 2014

Track off of the great new album from Chevelle. Definitely recommend checking out the entire album!

smilani 28 May 2014

Yes, Chevelle may be considered a Tool rip-off by some, but man cannot live on Tool alone. ...Or was that bread? Anyway, enjoy it, will ya?

Webimpulse 19 May 2015