Thunder And Lightning by Chi Coltrane

“Fitting for NYC right now...”

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Fitting for NYC right now...

EdibleToaster 2 Jul 2014

I just sit down out of breath. Believe it .. this is the first time i had the tv on a music channel since months. Since my man died i could not listen to it so well. So it was on very soft..suddenly i hear this.. It is something from so long time ago.. Then without knowing i just put the sound up to a level that the windows were starting to push outside.. they are double.. I started to sing it and i felt my throath starting to queeze and felt a deep pain rising.. but i kept on and started to sing.. scream with it!... And i danced...a bit.. just alone in the room.. for some reason i had to... to do this.. screaming it all out.. it is just a song... but thats what happened to me.. it was an old song i used to dance on and singing and screaming when i was a teenager... Give it a try and sing and scream with it!... Feels Great!

AnnaColl 17 Apr 2014

Awesome 70s jam!   1

dymphna1976 19 Aug 2014

Heard this on the way to work, Shazamed it, and voila! A song for my rotation.   1

lilykily 22 May 2013

lovin' our stormy morning! :)

direbecca 9 Jul 2013