25 Or 6 To 4 by Chicago


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but keaross was first  

Senior year, GM band.

keaross 5 Jan 2012

Chicago before they went chit. Was sixteen when I bought this album.   5

ken1 12 Feb 2013

25 or 26 minutes to 4 o'clock ... tonight Chicago plays @ my hometown San Luis Potosi, Mexico ...I'll be there

arturo 2 Mar 2013

My head's full of stuff right now, so much to choose. Opted for this - memories of the school dance and head banging whist trying to work out the hidden meaning behind the lyrics. Gave up on that (and eventually school dances also) for 40 odd years. I am now reliably informed it is do with sitting around writing a song at 3.35 in the morning, or afternoon... Anyway..great performance -wah wah wah plus horns, love it... and still try and bust a move as well. Still have the 45, must give it a spin   4

donuno 3 Sep 2014

Since the local high school marching band is using a "numbers" theme, I'm wondering if they'll be using this one.

rumn8tr 13 Jul 2014

Nice little number

baldygit 13 Oct 2012