Old Days by Chicago


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Just a likable bit of pop that always helps make a day a bit lighter   1

jlimke 2 Jan 2014

Seeing Peter Cetera in concert, he's a rather sardonic fellow (as well as on Twitter). Meanwhile, he makes some of the most straightforward pop music, entirely absent of irony. It's a wonderful contradiction.

poodleface 8 Apr 2014

Comic books and blue jeans. Weird jazz-fusion (heavy) crashing into pure pop cheez whiz. Fairly genius.

jasonpwoodbury 2 Jul 2013

The 'Good Ol Days' weren't always good, but some were worth remembering...   1

zakozprime 24 Oct 2012


DanGonzalez 9 Mar 2013

#70s¬†greatness   1

peterh07 9 Dec 2014