Pink Toes (feat. Jhene Aiko) by Childish Gambino

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rainbows, sunshine. act like ya know ---This is the part where they kinda fall in love a little bit. But I feel like anything we put here wouldn't do justice to what really happens when a person you meet ends up in your life out of nowhere. But know that it's exactly how you expect it to be, but also more. It's a big inside joke that you can't mess up and only one other person in the world gets. It's not a very pretty or perfect love, or even necessarily a romantic love. It doesn't look cool. It's more like two helpless things in the wild, and one says "I'll protect you", and both parties know it's a lie because there's no way either of them can protect the other from anything. That lie is the best way to describe this love. That feeling of not having to say "I'm scared", because you share the exact feelings without having words over or under complicate it, that's worth more than protection. It's a connection. The less alone. This is all we look for on earth.

trinadikitanan 10 Dec 2013

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benguin 10 Jan 2014

not bad at all, donald glover

j2daboy 6 Jan 2014

Rainbows, sunshine, everywhere.

rahupperts 17 Mar 2014

I am now and forever obsessed with this song.

rocknrollah 14 Dec 2014