III. Telegraph Ave. ("Oakland by Lloyd") by Childish Gambino


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I took off my nine to five but you still don't have the time to kiss me, just hit me... And if I left you all alone would you still pick up the phone? It's iffy... you miss me...

Aquaman 13 Dec 2013

But I'm really not ready, girl, that's a problem 'cause I'm way too scared to fall.

brianreece 3 Mar 2015

Foot on the gas, I'm just trying to pass, All the red lights, And the stop signs, I'm ready to go...

seventhirtyman 9 Jan 2014

the album version is way better but i could only find the single version on here, oh well

academycity 10 Feb 2015

Not the best recording. Still.

Brooklyn_ 9 Apr 2015