"You Never Want To Change" (the Official Video)’ by Chloe Fortay

raveon’s jam on 18 Aug ’15 and then 2 times after that (See all)
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raveon 23 Sep 2015

Thank you pippamiddleton for letting me find this songwriter. I only want to study uncompromised original non-traditional female hip hop/pop hook writers with killer lyrics and they are a rarer model to find and learn from than I thought. It is like the Last Frontier for people breaking barriers.

raveon 18 Aug 2015

My best friend, and phenomenal Boston artist will be my final and eternal jam. #Folk #hip-hop #alternative #womensingersongriters

raveon 23 Sep 2015

Rejamming my local favourite. #womenrappers #Boston

pippamiddleton 5 Sep 2015

More "beautiful rap" from #Boston. More like performance slam poetry and pop hooks. I don't know, the genre is bending. #folk #hip-hop

pippamiddleton 12 Aug 2015