Lungs by @Chvrches

“Sick beat and synth”

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Sick beat and synth

Renchelski 17 Sep 2013

You should know that I will sell you a future you don't want.

bbionic 21 Feb 2014

i can't wait for sept 24th

hbics 4 Sep 2013

You know that this will break us, but you push us as far as we can go. Taking every chance to find solutions that never make anyone happy. We are done this time. You don’t owe me.

mojoshivers 17 Jul 2014

This is from what may be my favorite album of the year. I'll reveal my top 10 list on my birthday, Saturday, January 4th.

pdcrittenden 1 Jan 2014

I will sell you a future you don’t want Like I did last time I won’t go slow All the things you tell yourself Offer no resolution

emmareid1331 19 Nov 2014