Birthday Cake by Cibo Matto

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I've had this stuck in my head all week after seeing them last weekend.

holographs 8 Mar 2014

Raucous, dissonant, wildly nonsensical -- and catchy as all get-out.

silvershroud 6 May 2013

i don't give a flying fuck tho

pududeer 18 Dec 2013

Weirdest weekend ever, so have a weird song that popped up on my iPod recently (as part of the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack).

GarethAPearce 11 Nov 2013

This week's jam is in honor of Jerry's birthday - 'Shut up and eat! You know my love is sweet!'. XOXO

Iamtheresa 17 Feb 2012

It's my sirtiess birsday!

thephilabides 5 Feb 2014