Into the Groovey by Ciccone Youth

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but alanbee was first  

Last week was a bad week for Madge, so in tribute here's the first in a series of Madonna covers. Original here:   4

coveredinjam 3 Mar 2015

I always love a funky cover, especially ones that make it their own.   5

denizenofdreams 3 Dec 2014

Get your groovy on, it is Friday night after all.   1

adrian4acn 21 Jun 2013

Sonic Youth do Madonna. Get up on your feet, yeah   6

TeamJamPicks 29 Apr 2013

You don't have to prove anything to us. The ®ecovery Revolution Will Be Soundtracked™ #addiction #recovery #SinceRightNow

KLENandSOBR 6 Aug 2015