I'm God by Clams Casino

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Somehow I'd never heard this ultra-dreamy Clams Casino mix until now but I've been obsessed with it all week and now my son is too. Not sure if "cloud rap" is a real genre, but gotta love the Jean Rollin footage in the clip.

gregfasolino 14 Jul 2015

this may be my new eternal jam. so good. awesomeness. somany emotions in 1 song. #i'mgod

Asteroid 8 Jul 2015

Danced with C to this this morning and was reminded how much I want Nappytabs to choreograph a piece to this.

jedsundwall 13 Jan 2013

probably the best song of all time

rsnbrgjrdn 29 May 2015

Sunday ambience

drenormous 11 Jan 2015

Heard this off a burning man video and I'm hooked. Evokes such a visceral feeling.

Zoso 3 Feb 2013