Wanna Fight by Cliff Martinez

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kevinflynn 31 Jul 2013

Loved the movie, but this little section of soundtrack was the highlight when it kicked in.

elzferno 14 Jan 2014

Suspense track from Only God Forgives by Cliff Martinez. Not just a misunderstood and incredible movie. But Cliff Martinez is one of the great drummers of all time and on his way to being one of the best composers of the day. Don't miss him.

Earology 4 Oct 2014

One of the best looking (and sounding) movies I've seen in a while. #OnlyGodForgives   2

begglebites 12 Jan 2014

Feel mixed about the film (Only God Forgives), but Cliff Martinez's score is amazing.

lesamourai 6 Nov 2013