Electric Worry by Clutch


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If I had money like Henry Ford, Lord I'd have me a woman on every road   13

dfunktt 7 Jan 2014

Pancake eatin' music.   1

lafix 19 Aug 2012

bang bang bang; vamonos vamonos ‘Electric Worry by Clutch’

michaelglenn 19 Dec 2014

I remember when I first heard this band, back when I was in high school. They were more of a metal band then, almost sounding neu metalish, but a whole lot better than the more known garbage that came out later on. Recently, they've adopted a more blues based sound, which has some very good results as you see here.

bakiethesaxon 24 Jun 2014

Their closing song at their secret free gig in Bloc, Glasgow 20-01-2012. One in a lifetime experience...   3

EwanAiton52 23 Jan 2012

Since Grooveshark went down I am trying to find all my favorites on Spotify. It takes a while!

deidradawn8 16 May 2015