The Mob Goes Wild by Clutch


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@clutchofficial this un worked like a bastard this evening - saw the mob get properly joyous!

domlostejon 11 Jul 2013

Who's going to see Clutch this Friday? THIS GUY!

see_hell 15 Apr 2013

It's world beard day today, apparently. So, here's a video containing lots of epic beardage. Not to mention that Clutch are awesome.

asw909 7 Sep 2013

Love this song, but never saw the video. Weird to see Ryan Dunn in it. They should play this at O's games, minus the whole "everybody move to Canada and smoke lots of pot" bit, I guess.

joshbrohawn 17 Jun 2013

It's Clutch. They're brilliant. What more could you possibly need? :-)

JamesAlper 5 Mar 2015

bottoms up?

trailstuff 11 Feb 2012