Lorelei by Cocteau Twins


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wait, i fell in love with this song... over 20 years ago? wtf.   2

eliotvb 23 Nov 2011

We're covered by the sacred fire.   2

Babaylan 29 Dec 2014

#ScottishWeek This is a kind of important note for the Scottish people... well, and the English, the Welsh, the French.. all of you really. When you go to visit your Swedish friend, please remove your shoes as soon as you step over the threshold. Thank you.   25

Avante 20 Sep 2014

Oldie but goodie: Cocteau Twins "Lorelei"

robey 12 May 2015

There's nothing like the Cocteau Twins and there will never be another like them. Magically   1

AimeeGreen 28 Aug 2015