Pink Orange Red by Cocteau Twins


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I heard it recently in Polish movie "Nieulotne" ("Lasting").   1

jullicanif 6 Mar 2013

#Every4ADReleaseInChronologicalOrder Part 88. Okay, so we're on a clock now. Not sure I can get up to the present day by September, but PIXIES OR BUST!   6

thesunneversets 10 Aug 2015

It's always a great day when one is listening to the Cocteau Twins. Also watch through, there's great vintage bits from the UK Telly show The Tube from 1985.

gmrstudios 16 Jan 2014

It's Fall, which means it's time to start cracking out the 80's chill/goth tunes.

Chris_Langford 9 Sep 2013