You Got Spirit, Kid by Coheed and Cambria

“Can't wait to see these guys on my birthday at #RiotFest!”

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Can't wait to see these guys on my birthday at #RiotFest!

rachelmills_ 16 Jul 2015

It's a damn catchy song. It reminds me of You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring and at the same time it reminds me of this website and far it's come and even though this site is going to be archived. There's this thought in the back of my head that says "In the long run no one is going to remember this site and to the people who do it's just going to be a vague memory to them". But, on the bright side, at least this site has spirit.

nomanstanding94 15 Aug 2015

Oh my gosh, you guys. Best Coheed and Cambria music video to date!

Neesh 27 Aug 2015

Love this new song!

Pant0don 31 Aug 2015