A Sky Full Of Stars by Coldplay


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Like Bolivian Marching Powder, by the first minute you are hooked.   2

nosajholt 2 May 2014

Niet een standaard Coldplay liedje maar deze samenwerking met AVICII is een stuk beter als dat nummer wat ze met Rihanna hebben gemaakt.

Kevinnnet 2 May 2014

This will be my last jam since i will not have any connection to spotify in Indonesia. For those special people who have had touched my heart and i have a pleasure to called a friend. Because my sky is full of stars and thank you for being part of it. Until the next time, we will meet again :D with lots of love

Ibtisam 1 Oct 2014

a very special song...   3

ipekblue 13 Oct 2014

Been my Chromedome and Rewind song for a while now, but MTMTE 33 went and made it even better.

thistleburr 23 Sep 2014

Now thissss. is my jam.

justineamore 29 Apr 2014