The Millionaire's Holiday by Combustible Edison

“My theme song this weekend.”

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My theme song this weekend.

smoovebert 12 Jun 2015

I borrowed this jam from Wil Wheaton, who is not my nemesis.

gmrstudios 14 Jun 2012

this will be in the music rotation at my tiki bar. while not islandy, it is loungy.

trav23 30 May 2014

My new jam is my old jam. Hopefully, this turns someone new onto Combustible Edison, because they're great.   3

wilwheaton 9 Jun 2012

in the mid 90s, pop culture was enthralled with most things from the mid50s to the mid-late 60s. Music had just gotten over grunge and a 'new' niche was to be filled with "space age bachelor pad" music. this music appealed to me greatly, since having discovered it at a Wherehouse record store after a bad breakup with a girl...bummed and brokenhearted i reached for Esquivel and his sounds immediately made me smile...later i would see the film Four Rooms, the soundtrack of which featured Esquivel, as well as Combustible Edison. This music is just great!   1

Gimetzco 16 Jun 2014

Not new, but always worth revisiting.   2

wilwheaton 29 Oct 2014