White Room by Cream

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but paulcunningham was first  

Wheels of Fire by Cream happens to be #64 in my all time album list. The image accompanying this jam is of an entirely different album - Disraeli Gears. Is that higher in my list, eh? No spoilers!   5

obadiah99 2 Jun 2015

...Does anyone know the meaning of this song?   6

Kelly_Ochoa 27 Mar 2014

There's nothing more classic than Cream. Eternally amazing.   2

alyssamwbc 19 May 2015

May lack the power of the 60s performance but none of the class

AtkoAtco 18 Aug 2015

Today Jack Bruce, bassist and vocalist of the famous band Cream, died at the age of 71. Another sad loss of a  great musician.....   3

caronline 25 Oct 2014

Cream was formed in July 1966, so before the month of July is completely over, let's celebrate their groundbreaking collaborations. #thisismyjam   14

MissyFrye 31 Jul 2015