Have You Ever Seen the Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival


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but guttmann was first  

Back in Manchester after a month in Nepal. Not seen rain in a long time.   3

edclarke 9 Jun 2013


iwilsonjr 14 Aug 2015

CCR song that i hear often!... time ♪   1

titusfrancis54 12 Jun 2015

Welcoming the beautiful rain back to northern ca

melimcclure 17 Sep 2015

It's been nothing but C.C.R for me over the last few days. What a voice!   3

MatthewWilson1 14 Sep 2012

#bandnameorigins Number four... CCR. Now I am not positive about this one, but I loved the song and the following is the only explanation I can find on the interwebs... It turns out Tom had a friend named Norvel Creedence and the band liked the sound of the last name... Legend also has it that Clearwater has two meanings - the name of a beer that was a fav of John's and a nod to the emerging environmental movement at the time. Lastly Revival - because after ten years of playing as a group called the Golliwogs a Revival was just what they needed ;-)   19

SheRa 27 May 2015