Things Fall Apart by Cristina


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for some early Christmas gloom

tallmank 19 Nov 2014

A little festive cheer.   2

tpjdavies 15 Dec 2013

Another one from the Ze Records album. This is my husband's favorite Christmas song. Twinkling and morose, just like the holidays.

wendymc 23 Dec 2014

From the 1981 Ze Christmas Album that gave us Christmas Wrapping and Christmas on Riverside Drive. This is equally delicious.

tomdwilly 22 Dec 2013

"I caught a cab back to my flat/And wept a bit, and fed the cat"

hartwill 19 Dec 2014

I LUV Cristina, great artist. This is the best XMas record.

creepingbent 22 Dec 2012