Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills & Nash

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but reyner was first love is an anchor tied to you, tied with a silver chain...   2

michelleteall 5 Sep 2014

While playing this: "Dad, can you turn something on other than old person country music for oldies?"

smashthings 25 Mar 2015

Having some oldies feelings and just feelings. :) This one is hitting the sweet spot.

chantgirl 23 Aug 2014

My first song for “TMJ” in the New Year is ‘Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills & Nash’. A childhood favorite, always brings me back to the early 80's and the songs mix sad loss and hopeful dreams always seem to resonate with my soul.

KennethPedersen 5 Jan 2015

I lost my uncle today. He was a fisherman and loved the sea, loved sailing in a boat of any size, and fished the central coast in a vessel that seemed terrifyingly small to me. Wishing him fair winds and following seas as he sails on to his final destination.   3

jenmaselli 21 Aug 2015

The Southern Cross is a celestial constellation by which sailors of old sailed in the southern hemisphere and in this classic by C.S.N. from the early1980s if memory serves me correct.   3

AnSpailpin 16 Sep 2014