You Gave Me Love by Crown Heights Affair

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Just awesome on every level

MatofKilburnia 28 Mar 2013

Believe In Me   3

Astromonkey 24 Jun 2015

Can't believe I'd never heard this before until hearing it on #Forgotten80s. Wonderful late era disco. #UtahSaints   1

JoeScaramanga 7 Apr 2014

This track is from 1980, but I remember playing it in my car while driving home from work in the late 1980s!   4

alan_edmonds 21 Oct 2013

Disco Daze. Before 'Dance', we had Disco. For Jammers of a certain vintage, that beat has probably played quite a part in your lives. My earliest disco days were spent in a place called Minsky's. To be honest, I have very little recall of what went on, as for the most part, I was under the affluence of incohol. I must have had a great time though, because it was a regular feature of most weekends. The one peculiar thing I do recall, was the stickiness of the floor. I'm sure I lost shoes in there. In later years, as disco morphed into dance, I spent time in a little late night club in the same area, though it was populated by 30&40 somethings, craving a few extra hours of drinking time and all the fun that was associated with the theme of the evening, wall to wall 70's disco! And that is the overriding memory I have about disco...FUN! I've selected Crown Heights who were at best, 'disco peripheral', but they came up with this absolute cracker in 1980. Makes me smile every time...   30

21schizoid 1 Aug 2013

Perfect Friday morning feelgood song.

ClairNotClaire 29 Nov 2013