Billy Jack by Curtis Mayfield


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Hi all, our latest playlist is a sequel to the girls-names-themed one we posted a few weeks ago and is entitled Bloke Name Jams, featuring this track and more from the likes of R.E.M., Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chet Baker, Ray Charles, Blur, Rod Stewart, The Smiths and a whole bunch more! :-)   2

MVD 10 May 2015

Updating the streetwise chic of "Superfly", Mayfield laments over a stripped down beat: Hard Times.   2

RichetyLampFall 1 Apr 2013

I'm in a funk so I am starting my #FunkyFriday early with a bunch of #cheese including Giallo, Blaxploitation, or any other flavor ending in 'sploitation' and maybe the second Billy Jack flick BORN LOSERS which has no relation to this tune other than the title I need an extra dose of escapism from all the news shows I watch Have a great weekend my jamming friends   6

Shaka 18 Jun 2015