Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield

Han’s jam on 25 Sep ’15 (See all)

“Time to move on up. You guys have been rad. Peace.✌🏻”

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but jeb was first  

Time to move on up. You guys have been rad. Peace.✌🏻   38

Han 25 Sep 2015

There's nothing better than a spot of sun and some Curtis Mayfield. I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!   6

amortentia 23 May 2012

Often featured but it is my all-time favourite track,especially the long version.   6

tpjdavies 16 Aug 2013

What a tune. Those horns just immediately make you want to dance.

lauriedix 9 Aug 2015

Warner Music Group ain't stopping this soul brother from moving on up, I'll tell you that much.   5

Earology 17 Jul 2014

Ok so I was looking through my previous jams & it dawned on me that I had never chosen my all time favourite song! What better time to remedy that than using it as my penultimate jam? So here it is the best song ever written......sung by the best singer ever......IMHO of course......   4

devious31 19 Aug 2015