Giorgio By Moroder by Daft Punk

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With some decent quality headphones and a touch of cannabis the synths melt away in your ear and cause a temporary dissolution of the cerebral cortex.

olwm 29 Jul 2015

My only #BestOf2013: great single, monologue, and to be precise the arpeggiation that followed the line "My name is Giovanni Giorgio, but everybody calls me Giorgio"... made this track my fave of the year...

bullu 28 Dec 2013

I love the idea, the man speaking, talking about his life, and the instrumental parts are among the greatests in pop music.

ZappaInFrance 9 Feb 2015

Best song on 'Random Access Memories?'

MTVHive 21 May 2013

Dat rhythm section...

jhamilton_86 12 Jun 2014

Too hard to phonetically recreate.

stantongrouse 15 Aug 2014