Instant Crush (Feat. Julian Casablancas) by Daft Punk

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but BothFeetUp was first  

Weird video but the song is A+

frizzfrizzfrizz 18 Mar 2015

Mr casablancas i need you to make an album based on the sound of this! such an addictive album by the genius of daft punk!

Oldy86 23 May 2013

BothFeetUp 13 May 2013

Comfortably the best track off Random Access Memories. [FACT!]   1

jonnyneale5 25 Jun 2013

one of my favourite songs .. i don't really know why.

margaritatee 17 May 2015

This song is so addictive to me and so reflective of my music-listening habits at work, I jammed it right back into the mix. All of the songs of the new Daft Punk have been fun thus far.   3

ShortCurator 7 Jun 2013