Motherboard by Daft Punk

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Loving this album

jbotte 29 May 2013

If I'd known my motherboard was communicating with me like this over the last thirty years, fewer of them would have been thrown down the garden in a fit of pique. Outstanding piece I think! #IsThisGoingToBeADaftPunkWeekIthinkItIs. Hope you like it as much as I do. Cool video too.   5

jovisgoesnuts 10 Feb 2014

Salvaged from a disappointing album, where Get Lucky is the clear highlight.   4

Nuno 20 May 2013

I have no idea why I waited so long to go through the entire album after first hearing "Get Lucky". Motherboard is my favourite, but every song in the album is a freakin' gem!

buzdokuz 15 Jan 2014

Going back through the albums of the year. Forgot how good this track was.

juderogers 19 Dec 2013

Close your eyes and let these vibes seep down into your soul, this is my jam.

mmccabe26 27 Mar 2014