Robot Rock by Daft Punk

floufymaloufy’s jam on 7 May ’12 and then once after that (See all)

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Bleep bloop bloop music

EndlessMike 22 Dec 2011

Serious contender for a forever jam

R0mination 11 Jun 2015

Some days you need a jump start and it was either this or car battery.   1

jason1749 28 Feb 2012

Still gives me chills

Sandman71 8 Oct 2013

The opening drums on this remain my favorite thing they have ever done. MEGA!

crapforgenius 7 Oct 2012

This is the Daft Punk I know! Having a throwback night on my patio. Still haven't taken to R.A.M.

ConorTV 30 Aug 2013