Touch (feat. Paul Williams) by Daft Punk


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I remember listening along to this album for the first time kinda thinking, yeah, this is great, but is it really worth the hype? Then this track came up, and boom. The album clicked. Phenomenal. Touch is such a gamble, full of so many moods, genres, and permutations that it's a wonder it works so well. But it does. By the time it comes full circle in its final minute, it feels like you've just taken a journey to the stars, and now you're back with Paul Williams' somber voice, back on your sofa at home, where you started, with an unresolved final chord. Never mind that this leads right into "Get Lucky" on the album; it is a masterpiece unto itself.

jarvix 10 Dec 2014

hold, hold on, if love is the answer you're home... It's funny how an unexpected moment can leave you with a wave of clashing, conflicting or complimentary emotions.

seiibutsu 18 Oct 2014

Probably my favourite of the new album. Obsessed with the build up.   4

amortentia 16 May 2013

What I wouldn't give for a full album of new Paul Williams material that all sounded this good.

seb 30 Jun 2014

Does anyone else think Paul Williams (who I've never heard of) sounds like Bowie? Either way, it's still pretty good   1

LukeFerg 19 Jun 2013

Amazing collaboration! And the work of Paul Williams includes some of my favorites; especially the songs in 'Phantom Of The Paradise'.   6

musicgeek 25 May 2013