Voyager by Daft Punk

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So, Bon voyage, TIMJ   8

stevefawcett 9 Aug 2015

A rather large subset of my musical taste can be described as "music for driving at night in Los Angeles."   2

npseaver 14 Nov 2011

Dat funky bass...

jhamilton_86 17 Jun 2014

Been listening to Daft Punk a lot again lately, so I thought I'd post one of my favorites.

gigapixels 15 Oct 2012

#ABCsOfMe V: I first heard Daft Punk by way of their remix of The Chemical Brother's "Life Is Sweet" in a friend's dorm room and I was hooked. My hipster street cred was assured when I bought "Homework" the day it was released on import, but "Discovery" is my favorite album of theirs.   1

daftmonk 15 Mar 2015

WEE WAA!   1

kanedaniel 10 Apr 2013