Grey Room by Damien Rice


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Damien Rice + Lisa Hannigan = Heavenly Harmonies; love their voices together.

fungustoenail 5 Jan 2014

Damien Rice Live...I'll see in concert this summer (28 Jul in Florence)

darkcloud 28 Apr 2012

There are quite a few critics who are not fond of this album, but I personally love it. This song, in particular (with two others) have gotten me out of some of my really low days, and made me feel good again, though I cannot begin to tell you why. Something about the raw emotions that comes out in his songs really just resonates with me. Very powerful, and rocks me to my core. "Well I've been here before, sat on a floor in a grey, grey, mood. Where I stay up all night, and all that I write is a grey, grey, tune."

PeterThomas6 31 Mar 2014

But I've still got me to be your open door.

Mornacale 21 Apr 2013